Arizona Traffic School

What is Traffic School?

In an ideal world, after completing a drivers education course you will never break violate any traffic laws or get into a car accident. In reality nobody is perfect, and even the most experienced drivers will make mistake. You are also not the only driver on the road, and may find yourself getting into a situation where an accident is completely unavoidable because of a mistake by another driver.

If you find yourself in such a scenario, you may end up receiving a traffic citation, more commonly known as a ticket. While this may mean that you are looking to receive points on your drivers license, this does not necessarily have to be the case. In fact, in many states there are traffic schools, which allow drivers to take a simple and short online course in order to avoid getting points, and maybe even reducing your potential fines. Arizona is one such state that offers drivers the option of enrolling in a defensive driving course in order to avoid getting points and their license and lowering their fine.

How Long is the Traffic Course?

The time required to complete the traffic course depends on the user, but in Arizona and most states it usually takes about four to four and a half hours to completely finish the course.

How Much Does the Course Cost in AZ?

The fee to attend a supreme court approved course is $24.

How Do I Enroll?

Before you enroll in your defensive driving school course you are required to submit documentation that will verify you are eligible to enroll. After that the school will verify your eligibility through the state and then you simply make your payment and begin the course.

How Many Times Can I Attend?

In Arizona drivers are only eligible to enroll in a class once every 12 months. So don’t think the option to attend this program will give you a free pass to speed without having to worry about losing your license. After all, the point of the course is to help ensure drivers are learning materials that will help them drive safer. If you keep getting tickets, it means you learned nothing from the course!

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